Special Events & Custom T-shirts

Who we are and what we do

BananaMint products are designed and made in Lebanon Lebanon Flag .

We specialize in quality custom designed apparel.

Tailoring, printing and embroidery are all made at our facility, located in Mansourieh.

BananaMint products can be ordered through our online channels and also can be found at our retail partner

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Check out some of our items

You can have an idea about some of our products.
Multiple combinations of fabric composition, colors can be made.

Regular T-Shirt

Regular T-shirt

Woman Loose T-Shirt

Woman Loose T-Shirt

Regular kids's T-Shirt

Regular kids T-shirt

Raglan Long sleeves T-Shirt

Raglan Long sleeves T-Shirt

And many more ...


Can I print or embroider on a T-shirt that I aleready have?

No, we do not print on items that have not been produced at our factory, our printing techniques require the printing to be done before the item has been sewed together.

What kind of printing do you use?

We currently have the following printing techniques:

  • Silk Screen
  • Direct To Garment (on cotton fabrics)
  • Dye Sublimation (on synthetic fabrics)
  • Vinyl

Depending on each design and quantity requred, a different technique is used.

How do you accept payments?

When items are custom made, upfront payment is required.
You can make payment in cash at any one of barbys Logo retail stores.
We also accept payment through our online portal.